Important Information

Audition information – please read carefully before you complete the application form below

Auditions are held at:
Waterkloof NG Church, Dey Street, Pretoria.
For those living outside the borders of Gauteng, a Skype audition could be organised.

14 September 2018 from 14:00-18:00
15 September 2018 from 14:00-18:00

The audition will consist of:
  1. One unaccompanied audition piece of participant’s choice (Baroque or Classical)
  2. One scale page, sung and played from memory (click here to print required scale)

Application Fee:

R100 - bring along to the audition in a sealed envelope with student's name and surname.
R50 extra per person in an ensemble (pre-formed group)

Audition Piece

Please ensure that your audition piece from the Baroque or Classical period meets the following age-level requirements (age as on 01 September 2018):
– Age 7-9: Minimum grade 2 level
– Age 10-11: Minimum grade 3 level
– Age 12-13: Minimum grade 4 level
– Age 14-16: Minimum grade 5 level
– Age 17-20: Minimum grade 6
Print required scale


The scale should be printed and practised before the audition. The scale has to be performed by singing the solfa names from memory (on any comfortable pitch), followed by playing the scale from memory.
Print required scale

Check list for audition:

  1. Please print and practice the scale for the audition from this website.
  2. Signed indemnity form. Download here
  3. Copy of your music: Baroque or Classical piece.
  4. No accompanist allowed.
  5. Application fee R100 per student. (in sealed envelope with participant’s name).
  6. Extra application fee for ensembles: R50 per student.
The decision of the audition panel is final and cannot be contested.
Audition Results date to be announced.
If your audition was successful, the full fee should be paid by 30 September 2018 into the festival account. If you fail to make the payment by 30 September, you will lose your place in the 2018 festival.

Festival Fees 2018

Half day course fee: R1200
Full day course fee: R1400
Second child per family: R1200

Account details

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1508883570
REF: Participant’s name and surname

Application form GCMF 2018

Opening Date: 22 August 2018

Closing Date: 8 September 2018

Please note that some computers’ security settings may interfere with the online application process. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours after applying, please email the form to
Contact Details:

*Please note that a copy of the completed form will be sent to the Participant's email address to Print out.

String Instrument:
Last exam completed: (not a requirement)
Audition piece: (Baroque or Classical- please note, to be performed without accompaniment)
Preferred date and time:

*Please note that we take the preferred audition date and time into consideration, however it cannot be guaranteed that your audition will take place at your preferred time.

Ensemble entries:
If you would also like to audition an ensemble entry, please complete:

Names and surnames of participants you would prefer to share an ensemble group with, if you do not enter as a fixed ensemble group. (non-compulsory):


Do you need accommodation for the festival? (non-compulsory)


Can you provide accommodation for another participant? (non-compulsory)

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